From: LA, California
Specialty: Black and Grey, Lettering
Interest: Custom Lettering

100$ Deposit -Non Refundable
120$ Hourly

Jonathan aka “SLICK” Originally Born and Raised in Los Angeles, Slick has a very developed street cultured style displayed in his art. He fell in love with graffiti at a very young age and has developed his talent over the years into so many styles of custom lettering.

With a large passion for black and gray tattoos, Slick also loves working with color and welcomes new pieces all the time. Whether it be black and gray realism, custom freehand lettering, or color the more detailed the better.

If you haven’t worked with Slick before come in and see why he is a favorite to so many. His customer service, style, quality, and sense of humor provide a great experience you wont forget.


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