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From: SLC, Utah
Specialty: Black and Grey Realistic Portrait Work.
Interests: Color Realism, Traditional Japanese
Please book Touch Ups within 60 days of Tattoo.

$150 Deposit -Non Refundable

I have been tattooing for 12 years in total. 10 years professionally in studios, while being in business for myself for 8 years.
Quality should be your only priority when looking for an Artist. Quality art from an artist who’s work speaks for itself will never be affordable, but you will never have to get it fixed. I hold over 30 awards from all over the country, with most of them being 1st and 2nd place for Lettering, Portraits, Black & Gray, and Realistic work of sorts. My love for black and gray realistic art, and chicano cultured art show distinctively in my work. I specialize in Custom Lettering, Portraits, Chicano Art, Floral, and more. Passions for tattooing and working with people grows more and more by each tattoo. I takes pride in the interaction and service with my clients, shooting to exceed overall expectations. Targeting a wow factor reaction in everyone that comes in contact with your tattoo, over all giving you as a client the feeling of knowing you invested your body with the right artist for years to come. My level of professionalism exceeds competition tremendously from the moment you walk into our studio, to the moment you walk out with a new work of art.

Our mission here at Distinction Galleries is to provide a tattoo experience like never before, beyond just collecting a tattoo.

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