Deposit Terms Of Agreement

A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL TATTOO APPOINTMENTS By giving a deposit, you understand and agree to the following terms... Please read the following information before submitting your deposit*

-All drawing and appointment fees are NON REFUNDABLE
-The deposit will go towards the cost of your tattoo, Unless specified other wise
-Deposit will become design fee if agreement cant be made after 3 minor changes.
-Drawing/Design will be shown to you in person prior to the day of the appointment
-Absolutley NO designs, drawings, or art will be sent via email, text, or other
-If any changes need to be made, this needs to be done prior to the day of the appointment
-The artist owns all rights to the artwork, and they are not obligated to release any drawing/design
-Any ideas post consulation/inquiry regarding design must be made at least 7 days prior to appointment
-If anytime client changes their idea about the original design, the artist can refuse

CANCELLATIONS-NO SHOWS-RESCHEDULING: -All cancelations will not recieve a refund!
-All reschedules without a week notice to scheduled date will forfeit their deposit
-No-Call/No Shows also forfeit their deposit and may be declinded any future service or require a higher deposit amount in the future