• NO: Swimming Pools, Lakes, Hot Tubs, Bubble Baths, or anything that submerges your tattoo under water for periods at a time until tattoo is COMPLETLEY HEALED.
  • NO: Tanning and keep it away from direct sunlight
  • DO NOT Scratch or pick at your tattoo.


Remove bandage in 1-2 hours and gently wash your tattoo with UNSCENTED Liquid Anti-Bacterial Soap (Orange Dial/Soft Soap) and warm water.
Use only your hand and soap. DO NOT use a sponge, wash cloth or anything simular.


Dry with a clean towel by patting your tattoo gently
(DO NOT wipe your tattoo). Let air dry for about 5-10 minutes.


Apply a thin coat of Tattoo Balm or Ointment (A&D / AQUAPHOR).
Do this 4 times a day minumum and wash between coats with Liquid Anti-Bacterial Soap and warm water.
Do this for the next 4-5 days.
DO NOT USE LOTION TO HEAL. AFTER 4-5 days switch to Vitamin E Cream or UNCENTED Lotion.
Use 5-6 Times a day until tattoo is completley healed.